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A story of travel, love and loss unlike any other

Dive into captivating travel stories as Pachamama unravels the possibilities of our extraordinary world

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The Book

Paths to Pachamama is a backpacker's book full of travel stories and powerful, inspiring ideas about spirituality. In their journey of self-discovery, the authors realize how critically important it is for global society to change in a way that creates a physically and spiritually sustainable world. They have dedicated themselves to helping spur this change and are working on many projects and collaborating with different organizations to support the change they know is critical for our planet to survive.

We've made Paths to Pachamama available on a donation basis. Each person decides what to give. You can get a digital copy here for free (or a print copy & Kindle version on Amazon) and come back after you've read the book to donate any amount you'd like. We are proud to give this book freely to anyone who wants to take the first step on this journey with us. We are placing our faith in the karmic law of the Universe.

We are grateful.

Is it possible for our thoughts to influence matter?
— Paths to Pachamama
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ISBN 978-0-9995000-0-2 Print Edition  ISBN 978-0-9995000-1-9 Ebook Edition  NOTE: For readers outside of the US, please find our book on the Amazon page closest to your country to reduce cost and time of shipping.

ISBN 978-0-9995000-0-2 Print Edition

ISBN 978-0-9995000-1-9 Ebook Edition

NOTE: For readers outside of the US, please find our book on the Amazon page closest to your country to reduce cost and time of shipping.

Paths to Pachamama: A Traveler's Guide to Spirituality
By Joseph De La Cruz, Simon Vandekerckhove

Also available for purchase on Kindle:

Reviews of Paths to Pachamama

A smile-creating reading, full of lessons and insights! As I recognised myself in some of them, I felt very connected to these words that I was happy to see written! For those who travel, or wonder if this would be a good step to take in their life, these true stories reflect how powerful it can be to leave our network of social habits, creating space for higher interventions.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has questions and doubts about the coincidental nature of the events that happen in their life or the desire to open their mind to a wider reality, as this is the power of these words.                       

- Jeroenix13

The book contains a mixture of travel stories, adventures, narratives about their friends and the people they met, their backgrounds, their views on subjects such as the universes, its origin and meaning, quantum physics and its laws, how energy transcends matter, universal consciousness, etc. while in the end providing their tips and guidelines for achieving transcendence.

Both of these authors have distinct writing styles that are each relatable in and engaging in their own way. Overall, Paths to Pachamama is a sincere, genuine attempt to pen their thoughts and write their experiences which are both entertaining and educational. 

- Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Reader's Favorite

Meet the authors

Joseph De La Cruz author of Paths to Pachamama

joseph de la cruz

Born in Boulder, Colorado

Joseph De La Cruz grew up in Boulder, Colorado, a graduate of a K-12 bilingual Spanish education program and the University of Colorado, Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Italian. He is a traveler of worlds, constantly asking big picture questions as he seeks meaningful answers to better understand the universe in which he lives. Forced on the road following the death of his mother in search of answers to life's greatest mysteries, this book represents the wisdom and experience gained throughout his adventures in South America.

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Simon Vandekcherhove author of Paths to Pachamama

Simon Vandekerckhove

Born in Bruges, Belgium

Simon Vandekerckhove grew up in Bruges, Belgium. He spent a few years abroad studying in Spain, teaching in Thailand, working around Australia and backpacking through South America. Throughout his journeys, the symbolism and coincidences he’s experienced have widened his perspective to both the physical and spiritual dimensions. Now he feels it’s both his duty and obligation to share the lessons bestowed upon him during his years of travel and provide some guidance to others who are ready to cross the threshold of their comfort zone in search of exploration and adventure.

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