Welcome on the Path to Pachamama (Joey & Simon)

Artwork by  Stephanie Frolling

The indigenous people of the Andes revere Pachamama, or “Earth Mother,” as the goddess who carries the power to create and sustain life on our planet. She is the source from which all life flows and to which it returns after death, and the force that generates our life experience and guides us through our existence. She is made up of two parts, Pacha and Mama.

Pacha is the physical and material side of things, including: the rivers, the trees, our bodies, an apple, and the Earth. Mama is the energetic and spiritual side of life, such as: love, compassion, faith, attraction, and spirit. They are the yin and yang of our dual reality, and both need to be in balance for Pachamama to be complete – and for all life to thrive.

This precious balance has been respected by all living beings throughout nearly all of the Earth’s history, until recently. As a result of the rapid technological advances in our global society, in the past decades we have witnessed such a dramatic increase in the material wealth and comfort available to us that we have disrupted the balance in nature. With our focus placed primarily on our material well-being, we have neglected our spiritual well-being.

The indigenous people of the Andes revere Pachamama, or “Earth Mother,” as the goddess who carries the power to create and sustain life on our planet.

Caught up too tightly in our physical paradigm and overwhelmed by the overload of impulses coming at us all at once in our current society, we have forsaken our obligation to cultivate our spiritual awareness and get in touch with our deeper selves. We are simply too preoccupied by our need to provide for our family or partner, to maintain a social life, to perform chores around the house, to stay healthy and fit, and to do whatever is necessary to pay the bills – basically the things expected of us – that we hardly ever stop to ponder what the purpose of it all is.

We all need to readjust our priorities and allow our spirit to retake its central role as the standard currency to define our well-being. When we take into account the spiritual dimension of our reality, we will no longer act like a bunch of offline computers, desperately striving to obtain the latest hardware updates. Instead, we will come to recognize the elemental universal network that binds us all together, and in return we will be rewarded with the password to establish our private link to this field of energy and create our own unique connection to the divine.

In order to access this network, and tap into the unlimited source of knowledge and insight it provides, we must first acknowledge its presence. We must devote the time and attention necessary to develop this uplink and strengthen our connection. By taking a moment every day to stop what we’re doing, and by learning to take a few conscious breaths from time to time, we can quiet the chatter in our minds and contemplate our deeper essence. When we do so on a regular basis, we will start hearing our inner voice, the voice of our Earth Mother, talking back to us and telling us exactly what we need to do to advance our spiritual awareness and move our lives forward with greater purpose and understanding.

Once we enable ourselves to communicate with our inner spirit and restore the balance within ourselves, we can begin to get our surroundings in tune with the same wavelength. This is important because everything in life works according to one single law that is the most important in all of the universe: The Law of Attraction. We live in a universe of vibration where everything resonates to a particular, measurable frequency. All our actions, emotions, thoughts, and desires manifest in our minds at certain wavelengths that exert a magnetic influence on occurrences with matching frequencies. Whatever we give our attention to, positive or negative, causes us to emit an electromagnetic signal that resonates with the world around us and will attract a matching signal back.

The Law of Attraction is always in effect, even when we’re not aware of it. Without our focused attention, we simply create by default. By combining forces, we can resonate in harmony and create a powerful wave that will elevate our frame of mind and enhance our attractive powers. Our experience of reality is processed through each of us, and only when we turn our attention to its functioning can we take control and consciously steer this process. When we are aware of our thoughts and energetic signaling, and deliberately offer them to accomplish our heartfelt desires, we can master the art of attraction and become conscious creators. That is what we all need to strive for.

Once we enable ourselves to communicate with our inner spirit and restore the balance within ourselves, we can begin to get our surroundings in tune with the same wavelength.

A prerequisite to attracting and creating the desired circumstances in life is to know and understand the Law of Attraction is very real. We cannot fully engage in mutual conversation with our source of creation if we lack the power of conviction. It cannot be a mere belief, for belief is uncertain and can easily turn into disbelief. Knowing, on the other hand, is permanent. Once we know something, we can never go back to unknowing it: we can only move forward towards a deeper understanding.

As soon as we recognize all nature is conscious, we can convince ourselves an intelligent universal consciousness exists. That is the first step. The second step is recognizing and feeling we are in constant communication with this universal consciousness, through a personal spiritual connection within an infinite field of opportunity. The final step is to engage in mutual conversation with this energetic source, and send it our desires and intentions with focus and determination so we can allow them to be received, processed, and sent back to us. We will require continuous redirection, practice, and refinement as we progress down this path. There will be many times when our energetic signaling will inevitably be diluted in the face of our daily struggles and setbacks, but we must never relinquish our understanding of this basic universal law.

In this book, we will offer you various tools needed to get in touch with your creative spirit and establish your personal, unique connection to the divine. We will explain how your inner state of being plays a crucial role in defining your life experience, and demonstrate how to shift the frequencies in the world of your actions, thoughts and emotions. We will propose a set of practices with the aim to raise your energetic standard to attract and deliberately manifest your most profound desires. And we will elaborate on the importance of conscious breathing and enhanced awareness as a way to control the frequency of your vibration and listen to your inner voice.

What’s more, we will present strong, undeniable proof that we are part of a universal consciousness that unites us all. An abundance of evidence is reaching us from the scientific field of quantum physics that consistently demonstrates there is indeed a world beyond the physical, where an underlying consciousness resides. Throughout the book, we will explain in detail some of these breakthrough scientific studies and provide convincing proof that our physical world is an energetic field of vibration, dancing around on the rhythm of our thoughts and desires.

We will also devote a chapter to take a closer look into the rich and fascinating history of Bruges and see what lessons we can draw from it. As the commercial centre of early modern Europe and the cradle of capitalism, the history of Bruges delivers a great example of a society that has been through a turbulent expansion followed by a major collapse. What were the mistakes we have made back then, and what can we do to prevent these mistakes from happening again in the future? We will present the answers to these questions and project them on our current society with a renewed perspective, bearing in mind Winston Churchill’s famous words that, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Drawing upon these lessons, towards the end of our journey we will propose a spiritual constitution for our future path together, a universal blueprint for a harmonious and conscious global community with step-by-step guidelines laying the groundwork for our spiritual awakening. With the constitution as our guide, we can cleanse our energetic frequencies and learn to resonate in harmony. In doing so, we will create a powerful current of vibration that will revolutionize our frame of mind and consciously open the floodgates for our synchronized wishes to materialize.

As we enhance our understanding of this endless field of potential energy that we all are part of, and learn to turn it to our advantage, we will eventually be forced to break through the barriers of our inherited paradigms, and redefine our laws and habits from an energetic perspective. For once we embrace our eternal identity and consider the energetic makeup of our world, we will inevitably strive to create a physical world in greater harmony with our spiritual selves. In this way, by reevaluating our approach to life from an energetic point of view based on our constitution, we will plant the seed for a spiritual revolution that will steer our collective path in an intriguing and awe-inspiring new direction!

Had it not been for our chance encounter, the insights we have gathered along the way may well have been cast aside and forgotten, stored away as blissful memories of an explorative journey long gone.

But before we get there, we must first explain how two youngsters in their early thirties came to gather these understandings and insights over the course of their young lives. We have each travelled our own path to reach a broader spiritual awareness, and we both still have a long way to go. Although this path has been lined – for the greater part – with an abundance of life, light, and love for each of us, we have also witnessed death and tragedy along the way. Our wider perspective didn’t just fall into our laps; we each had to overcome our obstacles, and we both have been confronted with death in order to fully appreciate the miracle of life.

As our individual paths take us to all corners of the world, we will describe how different experiences throughout our individual journeys have raised the same existential questions and have lead to the same exciting conclusions. Had it not been for our chance encounter, the insights we have gathered along the way may well have been cast aside and forgotten, stored away as blissful memories of an explorative journey long gone. We have encouraged each other to hold tight to our new beliefs, to nurture and develop them despite the weight of everyday life trying to push them to the background. We've decided to converge our stories and send out a message in combined force, in the hope we might strike a chord with people all over the world who have been asking these same questions. We offer our personal perspective as we all travel our own paths of self-discovery towards the highest realization of our spirit, a path that hopefully will lead us closer to a united, conscious, and balanced global community – a path to Pachamama.