By Joey:


I embarked upon this journey to learn the truth, to discover new understandings into the many realities of life and death. Did I succeed in my mission? Well, from where I’m sitting now I can say with absolute certainty that yes, I found exactly what I was looking for. In my year of travel I have experienced more life than nearly all my previous years combined. I’ve grown. I’ve evolved and I’ve been given a new set of eyes with which to see the world. 
But I’m stranded, locked up in a tin can heading in the opposite direction of journey's end. 
So, how did I get stuck on this bus, lost, vulnerable and alone? In order to tell that story properly, I have to start back at the beginning. This story is of love, light and loss, and it will all be written in this handmade journal during a long bus ride in the middle of nowhere.

Joseph De La CruzComment