After a harsh confrontation with death, two young travelers from opposite ends of the globe set out on spiritual quests to find the meaning of life. With each step taking them further into the unknown, the only way they can accomplish their mission is to break through the barriers of their inherited paradigms and abandon all they've ever known. Their individual journeys around the world lead them through puzzling, inspiring, counterintuitive, and magical experiences that eventually converge in the heart of South America. Encouraged by recent scientific discoveries proving our world to be nothing but light vibrating to the rhythm of our thoughts and desires, their combined insights lead to a dramatic shift in perspective, not only to the physical but also–and more importantly–to the spiritual dimension of our reality, omnipresent and infinitely intriguing. With this book, the authors hope to raise awareness of the force that drives our existence and plant the seeds of a collective awakening of the soul that will redefine our future path together. Are you ready for the spiritual revolution?

Joseph De La CruzComment