A Spiritual Constitution

"Here is my secret. It is very simple: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." – From The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It's easy to forget the lessons learned on the road once we slip back into the routine and become engulfed by the duties of daily life: going to work, doing the chores around the house, taking care of our family or partner, maintaining a social life. We scarcely have a moment to breathe, a moment that is truly our own. We've needed reminders. We have helped each other to hold tight to our new beliefs, to nurture and develop them despite the weight of everyday life trying to push them to the background. We’ve encouraged each other to write down our experiences, to reflect upon them and in this way, to solidify our bond with this cosmic force. Having experienced firsthand how our spiritual contract with Pachamama has significantly changed our lives for the better, we firmly believe that by raising awareness we may also help others to better understand and connect with this vast resource of creative energy.

Once we collectively become aware of the force that drives our existence, we will set off on a spiritual quest that will free our minds and end the tyranny of our material perspective. Emboldened by recent scientific discoveries proving that our physical world is nothing but light and empty space dancing around on the rhythm of our thoughts and desires, we will break through the barriers of our inherited paradigms and allow spirit to retake its central role as the main currency to define our well-being. In order for such an undertaking to be successful, we need a universal strategy with step-by-step guidelines that will steer us all together in the desired direction. This universal blueprint for a harmonious and conscious global community must take into account the energetic makeup of our world and present the tools to strengthen our connection with our source of creation.

In this chapter, we will propose the basis for such a constitution in the hope that it may be picked up and modified by each and every one of you and become the foundation for our collective spiritual awakening. With the spiritual constitution as our guide, we’ll have the opportunity to rewrite our identity from a spiritual and energetic perspective and send out combined messages of peace and unity through large-scale coordinated meditative practices and breathing exercises. In doing so, we will create a powerful current of vibration that will revolutionize our frame of mind and install a collective awareness, liberated from former habits and thought patterns. By cleansing our frequencies and resonating in harmony, we will consciously open the floodgates for our synchronized wishes to materialize and thus gain the ability to mould this sea of potential energy into the shape of our desires.

The final step in this process will be the redefinition of our laws and habits from that same point of view, for once we embrace our eternal identity, we will inevitably strive to create a physical world in greater harmony with our spiritual selves. We will restructure our societies, adjust our economies and rewrite our laws in accordance with its instructions, and we we will continuously amend our constitution as we move forward and gain new insights. In this way, by reevaluating our approach to life from an energetic point of view, our constitution will plant the seed for a spiritual revolution that will steer the fate of humankind in an intriguing and awe-inspiring new direction.

The source of creation that drives our existence is made up of two parts, a physical and a spiritual side. The physical or material side includes the rivers, the trees, our bodies, the Earth. The spiritual or energetic component entails love, compassion, faith, spirit. They are the yin and yang of our dual reality, the Pacha and the Mama. Both are interwoven with each other and need to be in balance in order for our world to be in harmony and for all life to thrive. By focussing primarily on our material well-being, we have neglected our spiritual well-being and have disrupted the balance in nature. Caught up too tightly in our physical paradigm, we have forsaken our obligation to cultivate our spiritual awareness and get in touch with our deeper selves. It is only by turning our attention inward that we become able to connect with our energetic source and gain the ability to redesign our lives with deeper purpose and understanding.

Article I: One Law Rules All

The field of source energy that underlies our physical existence is governed by a single law that is the most powerful in the universe: the Law of Attraction. We live in a universe of vibration in which every single thing resonates to a particular measurable frequency. When we break the world down to its smallest components, we discover that the quantum particles that make up our physical reality aren’t solid but emanate from a source of vibration with no limits, no beginning and no end. You, everyone and everything originated from this source of energy before transcending into the world of things, bodies, minds and egos. During our lifetime the physical body functions as a vessel for the soul and gives it the appearance to be confined to the materialistic world, but both are born of the same source of vibration and work conforming to the same principal law.


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