A Spiritual Revolution

"Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire." – Teilhard de Chardin

Now look around you and see the world with new eyes. Observe how everything is alive and connected to your internal energy. Take a moment to really look at your surroundings in this new light and realize how your attitude, mindset and state of being directly impact everything you can see around you. Contemplate this and allow it to blow your mind. Now let it sink in that your surroundings aren’t limited to what you can perceive with your senses, but include everything that you physically and mentally have a connection to. Understand that you are an essential part of a single entity, a universal field of consciousness, and that you have the ability to manipulate every aspect within this field with every conscious thought and every conscious breath.

Look at yourself with wonder and appreciation for the enormous power you possess. Consider the breadth of your energetic influence and take responsibility for it. What have you thought about today, and why? Who have you thought about, and how? How have these thoughts affected your emotional state of being? And could they have been expressed in another way to reach a more favorable outcome? These are the questions you must start to ask yourself as you evolve and become aware of your creative power. You must know and understand that everything you direct your attention to is subject to your energetic influence, and that you must be continuously aware of the frequency of your thoughts, actions, and emotions in order to control what you create.

The fundamental change of perspective must come from within. It begins with you and with you alone. With the constitution as your guide, improve your life experience beginning with your next breath. Take control of your energetic signaling and enhance the frequency of your vibration. Take it one step at a time, but take those steps now and never cease to move forward. The more you consciously enhance the frequency of your vibration, the more powerful you become.

Even though this path has ushered in a great deal of pain and suffering, it has been a crucial part of our evolution and has brought us exactly where we need to be. It has led us to the current phase of our development, where we have, for a large part, domesticated our physical surroundings and have evolved to become consciously aware of the spiritual side of life’s equation. Now that we have reached this fundamental fork in the road, now begins the hardest part: to undo everything we have created which was based on an incomplete perspective. We must come to terms with our past and accept that we have made a terrible mistake. We must find the courage to break free from our old thought patterns, habits and conceptions and dare to look at our world from a renewed perspective. We must learn to let go of our obsession for temporary material wealth and put the well-being of our eternal spirit back at the heart of everything. And we must forgive each other for the mistakes we have made and heal the wounds we have inflicted upon one another while we were trumped into believing the physical side of life was all that mattered.

It’s in our best interest to no longer purchase products that were manufactured with complete disregard for the environment or the workers who produced them, and learn to take into account the energetic value of our money. That’s why we should no longer eat the flesh of an animal that has never seen the sunlight, and only nourish ourselves with foods that have been treated with respect. That’s why we can no longer keep our savings in banks that are only interested in making profits, and create new financial institutions that exclusively invest in promoting care. That’s why we must no longer accumulate our taxes in the hands of governments that engage in warfare, and collectively fund constructive projects that are beneficial to our community and our planet. That’s why we can no longer obey the laws that were manipulated by lobbyists to protect corporate interests, and rewrite our legislation as we rewrite our stories from an energetic perspective. That’s why we must no longer read the twitter feeds of deranged individuals who spew lies and hate all across the web, and use our social media channels to spread awareness and coordinate our actions to help everyone evolve. That’s why we can no longer discriminate people for their physical appearance and treat each other like strangers, when it is clear in the end we all share the same spiritual mother.

Millions of people before us have already done their part to advance this developing awareness, and to all of them we would like to express our sincere gratitude. Thank you! By writing this book, we have attempted to make our voices heard and contribute to this ongoing and ever evolving conversation. But we can’t do it on our own, we need everyone’s help. We’re all in this together, regardless of our skin color, political preferences or religious beliefs. We all need to overcome our differences and work with each other to synchronize our efforts and move together in a dedicated direction. We hold our fate and the fate of the universe within us. It’s time to take responsibility, change our energetic frequency, rewrite our identity, and join the spiritual revolution to visualize and produce a brighter future together. We love you, we support you, and we believe in you!


Thank you, and thank you Pachamama!


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